Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor LAN RAM

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor LAN RAM

SummaryLAN RAM

  • Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors(VCIs) prevent crrosion by vaporizing at room temperature and forming a protective microscopic layer on metal surfaces, just like naphthalene repellents used in homes.
  • LAN RAM is an acronym for "Long-term security ANti-Rust Against Metal." It is a new type of volatile corrosion inhibitor, which comes in a packet containing a selected mix of VCIs. Each packet is made of specially processed paper that is water and oil resistant yet highly gas permeable.
  • LAN RAM is an attractive alternative to conventional corrosion inhibitors such as grease, oil or plating for rust prevention and silica gel for moisture absorption.


  1. Useful for iron and cast iron as well as nonferrous matals such as copper, copper alloy and cast aluminum.
  2. Long-term corrosion prevention with quick results.
  3. Easy to use. Just place a packet of LAN RAM in your shipping or storage container.
  4. Vaporizing gas reaches every corner.
  5. Cleaner and more comfortable than corrosion prevetion methods using grease or oil.
  6. The same packet can be used repeatedly.
  7. Reduces cost by eliminating the need for degreasing.

Corrosion Prevention Structureラン・ラン


  • Metal products(printed circuit boards, coils, machine screws, plates, etc)Parts manufacturers→assembly/processing companies for transport and/or storage
  • Export of automobile knockdown parts(engines, transmissions, etc.)
  • Electrical instruments,office equipment, moiding dies, and die parts, musical instruments, metal powder, sporting goods, fishing tackle, cutlery, tools, etc.

※It is not guaranteed that corrosion does not occur even if LAN RAM is in use.

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