Since the company was founded in 1957, Johoku Chemical has been providing phosphorous compounds, which are used in a variety of fields and applications, such as improving the heat resistance of plastics, fiber and rubber; serving as an antioxidant and modifier; and enhancing the extreme pressure profile of lubricant oil. In addition, Johoku products are now being used in intermediates for medical, agricultural and pharmaceutical industry applications.

Behind the technology we have accumulated over the decades lies the Johoku spirit of challenge. It is this passion that drives our expansion into new domains.

Thus, ours is a history of accomplishment in a number of fields. We developed a blister catalyst for urethane (1961) and a city gas desulfurization catalyst (1962). Thereafter, we began manufacturing a corrosion inhibitor for copper (1976), an ultraviolet absorber (1977), and a light stabilizer (1992) . We went on to develop a multi-functional polymer molecule stabilizer (1997).

President Tomoaki Ota