Company Data

Trade name Johoku Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Date Established 1st April, 1958
Capital ¥110,000,000
Sales ¥3,900,000,000 - Fiscal year 2014
¥4,200,000,000 - Fiscal year 2015
Number of Employees 106
Officer Tomoaki Ota - President
Business (1)Manufacture and sale of synthetic resin additive.
(2)Manufacture and sale of lubricating oil additive.
(3)Manufacture and sale of various chemicals.


April, 1957 Company founded as a private enterprise by the late Mr. Yuzo Ota in Toda, Saitama Prefecture.
April, 1958 Incorporatied.
January, 1963 Company name changed to Johoku Chemical Co., Ltd.
February, 1967 Tokyo office established.
September, 1970 Iwaki Plant established.
November, 1990 R&D center inaugurated in Toda, Saitama Prefecture.
January, 1997 Began production of Multifunctional Stabilizer.
December, 2001 New plant completed.
January, 2008 Obtained ISO9001 certification.
September, 2011 Tokyo Head office moved.